Comfortably the finest bedding for your horse. Grown by British farmers.



Georgie Dickinson, BEDE Events

We used Terravesta bedding at Osberton International Horse Trials 2019 for the first time.  We were thrilled to partner with Terravesta and use their new bedding. It is 100% biodegradable and with over 400 horses using the bedding across 5 days, it enabled us to dispose of large quantities of used bedding easily. It breaks down very easily and can be used as fertiliser on the land surrounding the event site.

We found Terravesta to be extremely easy to work with and they supplied a great service to the riders and grooms. Going above and beyond to accommodate the riders needs and help where they could we could not fault their service and commitment to the event.

We are delighted to continue our relationship with Terravesta into 2020 and into the future.

Katy Barr, Gloucestershire

Fantastic bedding, having never used Miscanthus before we are completely converted!

Clean, dust free, hygienic and takes all the smell away. Makes a lovely deep, firm bed that doesn’t move when they move around or lie down.

Also appreciate the plastic being completely recyclable and our muck heap is much smaller!

Hector Payne, 5* Event Rider

We have been using Terravesta bedding for a couple of months after having been introduced to the product at Osberton Horse Trials. Having moved away from using a wood pellet, we have been extremely impressed with the absorbency and the lack of dust that comes with this miscanthus bedding, both of which are extremely important.

We love that the horses can now enjoy thick, comfortable beds while we still have a relatively small muck heap in comparison to that created by straw and shavings. With a yard of 20 stables, Terravesta has been fantastic in enabling us to bulk order pallets of bedding with great customer service and communication - this product has transformed my stables and I would highly recommend it.



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Our bedding is very compact and easy to stack. Store in a cool, dry place.
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Split the bag open by piercing the packaging along the longest and widest edge, pulling the sides down and tipping the contents out.


2-3 bags should do one stable, but it depends on peoples/horse’s preferences.
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4.Up keep

Once the stable is bedded down, you only need to pick out soiled patches and top up with bedding throughout the week.
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Miscanthus horse bedding breaks down in approximately half the time of wood shavings and does not remove nitrogen from the land in the same way.
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While we work towards introducing bio plastics made by Miscanthus, please dispose of our packaging responsibly, and recycle where possible.