5 ways our bedding can help improve your yard and the comfort of your horse(s)

By Nicola Wozniak

At Terravesta Equine we prioritise the comfort of your horses and try to find ways to make your yard more efficient. Here are 5 ways our 100% Natural Miscanthus Horse Bedding helps to make your day to day horse care easier…

1.It’s dust extracted

This helps your horses to breathe easier and also ensures horse owners don’t inhale dust while making the bed and mucking out.

2.It makes a thick, comfortable, firm bed that doesn’t move around

The ultra-high absorbency means the urine is held in a compact spot for easy removal, the patch can then be filled with new bedding. This makes for a very efficient and economical use.

3.Cleaning made easier

It’s quick to muck out and only makes a relatively small muck heap in comparison to other types of bedding

4.It breaks down very easily and can be used as a fertiliser

Miscanthus bedding rots down in half the time of wood chip and can be spread on fields without any detrimental effects.

5.It naturally carries less bacteria

This helps to reduce unwanted odours, making it both ultra-hygienic and pleasant to use. The reduced odour means much reduced fly activity in the warmer months.