From field to stable: The journey of Miscanthus Horse Bedding

By Nicola Wozniak

At Terravesta Equine, we take pride in providing full traceability from the field Miscanthus is planted in, to the bedding arriving at your yard. These are the five main stages your bedding goes through before landing on your doorstep…


Stage 1 – Planting Miscanthus

Miscanthus is the material used for our bedding. It is planted and grown on British farms. It’s a perennial grass that can grow over 3 metres tall, it thrives on unproductive farmland and after initial planting requires no fertilisers, chemicals or soil cultivation, for its potential 20 year+ life cycle.

Stage 2 – Cutting and Baling

Every spring Miscanthus is harvested. It’s cut by a forager and left to dry naturally in the field for 1-6 weeks. Once dry the cut Miscanthus is baled, ready to be transported to our UK factory.

Stage 3 – Bedding Production

The baled Miscanthus arrives at our factory where it’s finely chopped and the dust is extracted to help your horses to breathe more easily. This dust is later compressed in to briquettes and logs for our sister company’s eco fuel range.

Stage 4 – Packaging

The now finely chopped and dust extracted Miscanthus is packaged into 20kg bales using 100% recyclable film.

Stage 5 – Delivery

The packaged bales are added to pallets of 35, ready to be picked up and delivered to our customers. We aim to deliver in 3-5 days.

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