Miscanthus Horse Bedding, the natural choice for horses

Bed down with Miscanthus Bedding this winter and see the benefits of using a sustainable, natural material for your horse.

With concerns for climate change at a critical level, switching to Miscanthus bedding not only benefits the environment by reducing carbon emissions and waste, it provides positive changes to your yard and horse’s health.


Grown by British farmers, Miscanthus is a renewable grass which stores more carbon than it releases in its 20 year+ life time. Thriving on unproductive farmland, Miscanthus requires no fertilisers or chemicals after initial planting, improving soil health and encouraging wildlife on UK farms. Harvested every spring, this eco-friendly grass is naturally dried in the field, then finely chopped into Miscanthus Horse bedding.


The bedding is extremely hygienic and dust extracted, helping to improve horse respiratory health. The leftover dust is compressed into Briquettes and logs for eco-friendly BBQ’s and home heating or used for product development, a waste free process which fully utilises the crop.


Making mucking out easier, the bedding is super absorbent due to the porous pith inside the Miscanthus cane, producing a smaller muck heap in comparison to other bedding types. Any liquid is held in a very compact area meaning you can very accurately lift out the wet material and top up with new dry material – this means mucking out is quicker, the bedding lasts longer and it’s more cost effective in the long run.


It’s an extremely durable bedding, it does not rot like other types of materials and maintains the same high quality from the day you purchase it, therefore none of the bedding will go to waste and large amounts can be ordered with the confidence that the bedding will not degenerate.


After use, the bedding breaks down in to organic matter quickly and can be incorporated back into the soil and spread on arable land, making it easier to sustainably dispose of. The film packaging is also 100% recyclable.


Regular customer, Gloucestershire-based Stud Manager Katy Barr, made the switch to Miscanthus bedding to prioritise the environment, “Miscanthus horse bedding from Terravesta Equine has been a great success, not only in reducing our environmental impact, but helping to make the horses happier. It’s made mucking out so much more effective which has decreased the time we are spending on the yard – therefore meaning we have more time for other jobs. It’s naturally unpalatable and has no dust which is a big positive in our stables, due to poor ventilation. We haven’t used anything that soaks up moisture as well”.


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