Mucking out made faster with Miscanthus

Having used shavings to bed down her ponies for many years, Sammy Moody decided to give Miscanthus bedding a try in the stable of her retired pony, Tommy.


Having heard good things about Terravesta Equine, Sammy thought this was the ideal choice for veteran Tommy. 22-year-old Sammy has owned Tommy, who is her first pony, since he was 12, with the pair spending their younger days enjoying Pony Club activities, so understandably she wants to make sure that Tommy is comfortable in his retirement.


After giving her stable a thorough clean, Sammy started a fresh bed using the Miscanthus bedding. Tommy is lucky enough to reside in a large stable that normally houses a 17hh horse and as Sammy likes him to have a full bed she used 12 bales to start the bed. Although this sounds excessive, most normal sized stables would only require half that amount if not less to create a perfectly adequate bed.


Working full-time as a vet’s receptionist, Sammy found that the biggest advantage of the bedding was how much time it saved her mucking out.


Said Sammy: “I am really impressed with the Miscanthus bedding; it is dust free and makes a good dense bed which is perfect to support Tommy’s joints now he is getting older. He gave it his seal of approval when he rolled in the fresh bedding as soon as I put him back in the stable.


“During the week I usually just skip out the droppings and remove any wet and do a big muck out at a weekend. When I was using shavings I would remove two full wheelbarrows of dirty bedding but with the Miscanthus it only amounted to one full wheelbarrow.


The Miscanthus also doesn’t stick to the droppings like shavings do and fall through the shavings fork so you don’t waste as much bedding when mucking out. This is ideal for anyone that needs to keep their muck heap small and obviously makes mucking out less time consuming.


“Because I started out with a good deep bed, I also found that I didn’t need to add a fresh bale every week, only topping up the bed every few weeks which makes Terravesta Equine a really cost effective bedding choice.


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