Mucking Out Made Easy

By Nicola Wozniak

Known as one of the least enjoyable yard jobs horse owners face – especially in the colder months – mucking out is a tedious process which can take up a lot of precious time that could be spent with your horse. Using a more absorbent horse bedding like Miscanthus helps to alleviate this problem while still providing a clean and comfortable space for your horse to bed down.


Miscanthus cane has a spongey inner core, known as the porous pith which gives the bedding it’s super absorbent qualities, it makes a deep firm bed that doesn’t move around. Once bedded down, any liquid is held in a very compact area and you only need to pick out soiled patches which can easily be removed and topped up with fresh material. The bedding lasts longer and it’s more cost effective in the long run. Using this mucking out method can help with juggling the demands of horse, work and home life.


After use, the bedding creates a relatively small muck heap in comparison to that created by straw and shavings. It also does not remove nitrogen from the land as it breaks down in the same way as other materials and therefore can be conveniently disposed of, as it breaks down into organic matter and can be incorporated back into the soil and spread on farmland.


As well as reducing the time it takes to muck out, producing smaller muck heaps and being more cost effective, the absorbency of Miscanthus locks in smells and it naturally carries less bacteria which reduces unwanted odours and the transfer of ammonia, making it hygienic, clean and pleasant to use.


Customer Kim Gasper has switched to Terravesta Equine’s Miscanthus horse bedding for winter, “I ordered my first pallet of this bedding a few months ago in preparation for the winter months when my horses will be in every night until early summer next year.


“I was hoping for maximum comfort for my horses… a nice deep bed that remains clean and comfortable for them all week as I only remove the wet about every 12-14 days. All droppings are thoroughly removed and beds levelled off daily and Terravesta Equine didn’t disappoint! It was also important for me that my horses wouldn’t be tempted to eat their bed and that once removed to the muck heap, it would rot down quickly. Again, this bedding comes up trumps! Can’t recommend this product highly enough.”

Try out Miscanthus horse bedding for yourself.