Gloucestershire stud benefits from environmental strategy

16th March 2020

A Gloucestershire-based Stud has turned its operations around by prioritising the environment, and the move has paid off, with happier horses and staff as well as streamlined procedures.

Stud manager, Katy Barr, has been behind the move to an eco-friendly strategy, which has seen reduction in plastic waste by 80%, organic status on the estate and the introduction of a new sustainable horse bedding.

The Stud manages 20 – 25 horses throughout the year, most of which are young stock and broodmares. The operation is predominantly a stud, but includes everything from the ground up, from breaking in, to pre-training and pointing.

“We hope to use horses instead of tractors on the estate in future, and will continue to ensure we are reducing our environmental impact,” explains Katy.

The stud has introduced an innovative new Miscanthus horse bedding product to stable its horses, due to its sustainability credentials and high absorbency and it’s been transformative for the business.

“The Miscanthus horse bedding from Terravesta Equine has been a great success, not only reducing our environmental impact, but helping to make the horses happier.”

Katy explains that the Miscanthus horse bedding is highly absorbent, meaning it makes a firm bed, which the horses feel secure on.

“We stable in an old dairy barn with uneven slopes, so absorbency is important. We haven’t used anything that soaks up moisture as well.

“It’s very firm and the horses are lying down on it for the first time. Also, the less it moves, the less chance of injury,” says Katy.

Katy says the Miscanthus horse bedding has shortened the time it takes to muck out, taking 15 minutes to complete the task. “Everyone who has worked with it thinks it’s better and we’ve even recommended it to our vets.

“Another great benefit of it is that it rots down quickly.

“It’s naturally unpalatable and has no dust which is a big positive in our stables, due to poor ventilation,” adds Katy.

“Miscanthus is more absorbent than wood shavings, due to the porous pith inside the Miscanthus cane,” explains David Pattison, Terravesta Equine’s Commercial Development Manager.

“It’s also cleaner than the competition, naturally carrying less bacteria and it helps to reduce unwanted odours,” says David.

Hailed as a ‘wonder crop’, Miscanthus grass reaches over four-metres tall each year. It absorbs more carbon than it releases in its 20 + year lifetime and stores it in the earth, which helps to alleviate C02 pollution and reduces the effects of climate change.

Miscanthus is a hardy perennial grass, producing an annual crop, without the need for replanting and it doesn’t require any fertiliser or pesticides. It thrives even on the poorest land and enhances biodiversity and soil health.

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