Horse Bedding Buying Group launched 

16th March 2020

Due to popular demand, we’ve launched a new Bedding Buying Group, which enables groups of friends to purchase our 100% Natural Miscanthus Horse Bedding together and split the cost. 

Customers who want to buy small quantities are now able to set up a Bedding Buying Group, with Terravesta Equine’s help, to buy in full pallets delivered to one address for collection by the other members of the group. 

Each member of the group can pay for their allocation through Shopify, but one member must be willing to take delivery and store the product until the other members collect. This system will also enable individuals to tap into more attractive multi-pallet pricing.

All you have to do is get in touch with us, come up with a group name and a primary contact for ordering, and when you have placed an order, each member of the group will be notified by e-mail of the delivery date. 

David Pattison, Commercial Development Manager at Terravesta Equine is the brainchild behind the idea, as we have some customers who are super keen to try our product, but want to purchase in small volumes.  

“Pussy Willows Cattery is group of four friends who regularly buy two pallets of our bedding. They have a primary contact who places the order and accepts delivery at the cattery. The other three group members all phone in to pay separately and collect the bales from Pussy Willows,” explains David.

“It works really well for them and we hope to roll the idea to more customers who want to try out the bedding,” adds David. 

If you’re keen to set up a Bedding Buying Group, download and fill out a form via the link below, then send it to


Form link: Bedding Buying Group Account Form