Your Miscanthus horse bedding will be delivered by one of our couriers and will arrive on an 18 tonne lorry which will also have a tail lift. Please allow for the size of this vehicle.

If you do not have sufficient access for this size you can contact us before placing your order, as we may be able to provide a 7 1/2 tonne lorry instead. Without adequate access your order will be delivered at kerbside only. The courier will call you to arrange a delivery date so you will need to make sure you provide us with an up to date telephone number.

Please review our sizing and access details below to check you have suitable access and ensure safe handling of your order.

Visit our deliveries page for more information or for enquiries about your order call 01522 731873 or email Scroll down to read our Miscanthus bedding top tips.

Vehicle size

18 tonne lorries are 13m long X 2.8m wide X 3.4m tall PLUS 1.8m tail lift.

Pallet details

Loaded pallet dimensions are 1.2m long X 1.5m wide X 2.3m tall


Access must be free from obstacles, fairly level and be wider than 2.8m. Pallet jacks will be unable to run on soft ground or loose gravel.



Miscanthus horse bedding is very compact and easy to stack. Store in a cool, dry place.


Split the bag open by piercing the packaging along the longest and widest edge, pulling the sides down and tipping the contents out.


2-3 bags should do one stable, but it depends on peoples/horse’s preferences.

4.Up keep

Once the stable is bedded down, you only need to pick out soiled patches and top up with bedding throughout the week.


Miscanthus horse bedding breaks down in approximately half the time of wood shavings and does not remove nitrogen from the land in the same way.


While we work towards introducing bio plastics made by Miscanthus, please dispose of our packaging responsibly, and recycle where possible.